Chocolate. That’s it. That is the Press. Candles, Candy, Wardrobe … BajaTiki Valentine’s Collection New In

New additions have been added to our Valentine’s Day Collection today!Soap, Bath bombs, hats, bags, apparel, lotions, oils, candies, jewelry … #selflove2021

You are the Tall Cool DRINK BOMB – New at BAJATIKI

The Drink Bomb, all natural fizzing flavors with specialty ingredients ala Rose buds, 24k Gold, Chocolate … Excite your senses with aromas of subtle floral and soft lingering notes. Prosecco Rose is pretty, pink and the perfect blend of organic Bulgarian rosebuds, rose water and elder flower with pressed edible 24K gold press leaf andContinue reading “You are the Tall Cool DRINK BOMB – New at BAJATIKI”

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